Regular meetings of the Board of Ethics are held monthly on the second Thursday of each month.  The meetings take place at the Central DeKalb Senior Center located at 1346 McConnell Drive, Decatur, Georgia 30033, in Classroom 212, unless otherwise noted.

Agendas are posted on this site and at the Maloof Center at least one week prior to the meeting. Meetings begin at 4:00 p.m., and are open to the public. A quorum of four members is required before any official business may be conducted at a Board meeting.


The following are scheduled meeting dates for 2018:

  • January 18, Thursday, 4pm — This meeting was cancelled due to inclement weather.
  • February 15, Thursday, 4pm  
  • March 15, Thursday, 4pm — This meeting has been cancelled.
  • April 19, Thursday, 4pm  
  • May 17, Thursday, 3pm — NOTICE OF CHANGED MEETING TIME
  • June 21, Thursday, 4pm
  • July 19, Thursday, 4pm — This meeting has been cancelled.
  • August 9, Thursday, 4pm
  • September 13, Thursday, 4pm — This meeting has been cancelled.
  • October 11, Thursday, 4pm
  • November 8, Thursday, 4pm
  • December 13, Thursday, 4pm




If you have any questions, please contact the Ethics Officer at:

Stacey Kalberman
Ethics Officer, Dekalb Board of Ethics
404-687-7106 (office)